Mentoring & Tutoring

Working with the school, the Tzu Chi Education Foundation staff and volunteers organized and implemented a mentoring and tutoring program where volunteers consistently tutor at risk students each week. School teachers use consistent verbal and written communication with the Tzu Chi Education Foundation team to develop a mentoring and tutoring program best suited for each individual student. During the mentoring and tutoring program, the team helps the student with schoolwork and social interaction. By providing one on one tutoring to students with academic needs and/or facing hardships in life, the volunteer becomes a consistent adult figure in the student’s life. Weekly, after the program, the Tzu Chi volunteer or tutor reflects with the school teacher on what was accomplished and how they felt about it. To facilitate continuous improvement, right after the session, the Tzu Chi Education Team holds debriefing meetings to evaluate the students’ progress and share ideas on how to better help each student. After the meeting, student progress is promptly shared with the school staff.