Charles H. Lee Elementary
Azusa, CA

Ekstrand Elementary
San Dimas, CA

Lytle Creek Elementary
San Bernadino, CA


During the school year, volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation teach a diverse curriculum on the value of character education.

The Tzu Chi Education Team not only provides academic support, but also provides emotional support for students. With the Education Team’s consistent presence and compassion, students began to gain a sense of trust and security. The team designs a deep and engaging curriculum that caters to different grade levels in order to encourage children to internalize talents and help others with their talents. Using current and recent news stories for background knowledge, students are often inspired by the lessons and have positive reactions. Students begin to think to themselves, “If this person can overcome hard obstacles, we can do it too.”

In public schools, academics and test taking often overshadows character education. By teaching character education, the Tzu Chi Education Team hopes that children become morally and socially healthy adults and grow up with values and virtues. The character education program emphasizes that character counts by teaching children to see and experience things in a respectful way. The goal of the program is to lessen violence at elementary schools and encourage students to think for themselves. The Tzu Chi Education Team hopes to build student awareness of character education and learn to not only take care of people but also the Earth.