Tzu Chi Character Education

Tzu Chi foundation has four missions; charity, medicine, education, and culture. The Tzu Chi Education Foundation focuses on the moral development and humanitarian education. Over 25 years Tzu Chi has been in the United States, the Tzu Chi Education Foundation has been teaching children and adults for 20 years. Since Fall 2006, Tzu Chi Education Foundation has volunteered to teach Character Education Lesson Plans at elementary schools. As a group, we target the poorest neighborhoods in Southern California and introduce a diverse curriculum including drama, puppetry, flower arrangement, etc. that centers on the value of Character Education. The goal is to teach children to respect other people, nature, and all living things.

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  Tzu Chi Education Foundation

: 1920 Brea Canyon Cutoff Rd, Walnut, CA 91789
   Phone:(909) 895-2125