為了避免冠狀病毒擴散,Ralston Middle School 三月底以來已經停止開放,週末的租用也一併停止。

為了不中斷學生的學習,我們的老師們在短時間內學會操作電腦和遠距教學,四月五日已開始用Zoom 做網上教學。非常感恩家長和學生們的配合,一切進行得相當順利,得以如期在五月十七日結束教學。

結業典禮將在五月二十四日早上十點在網上透過Zoom 舉行。全校師生得以在網上共同祈求疫情早曰消彌,祝福彼此平安健康,互相話別並彼此祝福暑假快樂。

In compliance with the shelter-in-place order, our Sunday Chinese class at Ralston Middle School has been closed since the end of March.

In order not to disrupt students' learning, our teachers learned to conduct distance teaching via Zoom in the shortest period of time.

The teachers conducted the first session on April 15 and concluded the last session today, May 17. Thanks for the kind cooperation of parents and students, everything went very smoothly for the most part.

The school closing ceremony will be held online at 10: am this coming Sunday, May 24. We'll also use the opportunity to pray for the end to the Covid-19 pandemic, wish each other a good health and a happy summer vacation.





"Creating a gratifying learning environment full of countless love and great care is our priority goal, which we take it seriously and devote unremitting efforts. Love, care, patience, effort, and gratitude are five guiding principles for our school." from principal Sophia Wu.

2020 Jingsi Floral Arrangement 靜思花道

2019-2020 年度開學通知  (2019-2020 School Opening Notice)

2019-2020 教室分配圖 (2019-2020 Classroom Assignment)

2019-2020 年度招生小冊(2019-2020 Opening Enrollment Brochure)




2019-20 聖馬刁慈濟人文學校學術比賽優勝名單:



  [大愛新聞] 北加州慈濟人文學校靜思語說故事比賽


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