2017-2018長島慈濟中華文化夏令營將在8/28-9/1五整天於長島會所舉行。沒有過夜。招收對象六到十二歲. 本校學生將於4/23優先註冊。家長會先收到網路連結在家裡填註冊表. 沒有網路報名的將被延後到當天最後才能註冊. 只有50個名額,如果還有名額,5/1將開放給校外學生。招生簡章如附件。


Tzu Chi Long Island Chinese Culture Summer Day Camp will run from 8/28-9/1, full days. 6-12 years old. Registration for TCALI students start 4/23. A link will be provided for parents to register at home. Paper registration the day of will be deferred to the end of the day. Space is limited to 50 spots. We will open to outside kids on 5/1 if we still have spots left. Registration form is attached.


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