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The sing-along and movement class will utilize singing Chinese children songs as well as some storytelling to introduce the students to the Chinese language and culture. We will dance, use instruments and props, and have fun! Around special holidays such as Chinese New Year and Christmas, we will introduce relevant music for the celebrations. The class is designed for 3.5 to 6 year olds, and will take place 4:30 to 5:15pm on Saturdays.


10/072017 健康吃活動 https://youtu.be/NkLfhW-8F38


2017 給家長的信 (Chinese Ver.)

2017 Letter to Parents (English Ver.)



Thank you for the support and generosity from Rho Psi Foundation!


學生園地(Student Corner)- 三月份

學生園地(Student Corner)- 二月份

學生園地(Student Corner)- 十二月&一月刊


11/19 感恩節新舊外套收集

分享: 活動剪輯 https://youtu.be/5CEmLaEL_2w

10/08 全校健康吃活動


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