3/15/2020學校雖然放假, 學生是要複習功課,而老師們更不忘精 進上網學習「遠距教學」,讓學生學習不中斷。

聖馬刁慈濟人文學校的老師們於03-15-2020在北加州分會園區參加「遠距教學」的培訓課程,從9:00am至12:00pm。由校方的教務處、IT組和志工們組成的指導團隊一起與老師們相互學習、相互砥礪指導;只有三個小時的學習,老師們從雙眉緊鎖到眉開眼笑地開心是無法比喻的;當然還是要假以時日多練習「遠距教學」才能讓 技巧更圓熟。因此老師們需要學生們的配合一起上網上課,更需要家長們的鼓勵和幫忙喔!

3/22/2020老師們還需要更多的時間學習上網技巧。請老師們email告知家長網上上課時協助之所需、協助的項目 與需要家長在教室對學生秩序的管理和考試時的協助等事項。 

3/29/2020正式網上教學。在網上上課時,請老師們與全體學生都要穿制 服上課!感恩配合!

4/5/2020春假不放假喔 ………

@@@ 傳統班的學生:

  • 低年級(從幼兒、注音、一年級、二年級) 一節課時間: 30分鐘(以老師之所需,延長上 課時間)
  • 中年級(從三年級、五年級、六年級和七年級); 一節課時間: 40分鐘,有兩節課
  • 高年級(八年級、九年級和十年級); 一節課時間: 40分鐘,有兩節課

@@@ 雙語班的學生:

  • 低年級 (知足、感恩、善解) ; 一節課時間: 30分鐘(以老師之所需,延長 上課時間)
  • 中年級(包容、合心、和氣); 一節課時間: 40分鐘,有兩節課
  • 高年級(互愛、協力) 一節課時間: 40分鐘,有兩節課


聖馬刁慈濟人文學校 校長 蘇素惠(Sophia Wu) 敬上


A Letter of Encouragement to Teachers and Parents of Our Students

Although the school was off, students still need to review what they learned, teachers also learn remote teaching so our students’ learning will not be interrupted. On 3/15, teachers of TCASM attended remote teaching training class from 9 am to 12 pm. Our volunteers of academic affairs and IT group were also on site to learn and help with the training. Our teachers walked in the classroom with eyebrows knit in a frown, after three hours of learning, walked out with beaming smiles. Remote teaching definitely requires more time and practice to master the skill. Therefore our teachers need students’ coordination to be online to teach and learn, and more encouragement and help from parents.

3/22 Teachers need more time to practice the on-line skills. And teachers will let parents know how you expect them to help with online learning and your class management rules.

3/29 We will begin online teaching. During the online classes all the teachers and students must be wore the uniform. Thank you for your supporting.

The following is the length of online teaching for each class.

Traditional class:

  • Junior Classes: Pre K, Zhu Yin, G1, And G2 30 minutes each period with one period per week. Teachers can extend the period length if needed.
  • Middle Classes: G3 - G7 40 minutes per period, 2 periods per week.
  • Senior Classes: G8 – G10 40 minutes per period, 2 periods per week.

Bilingual Classes:

  • Junior Classes: 知足、感恩、善解 30 minutes each period with one period per week. Teachers can extend the period length if needed.
  • Middle Classes: 包容、合心、和氣 40 minutes per period, 2 periods per week.
  • Senior Classes: 互愛、協力 40 minutes per period, 2 periods per week.

4/5 No Spring Break ………

During online teaching, students need parents’ supervision and accompaniment so our teachers can focus on teaching. Appreciate the participation of our teachers, parents of our students and our students

Tzu-Chi Academy, San Mateo Principal Sophia Wu



"Creating a gratifying learning environment full of countless love and great care is our priority goal, which we take it seriously and devote unremitting efforts. Love, care, patience, effort, and gratitude are five guiding principles for our school." from principal Sophia Wu.

2020 Lunar New Year 新春祈福

2019-2020 年度開學通知  (2019-2020 School Opening Notice)

2019-2020 教室分配圖 (2019-2020 Classroom Assignment)

2019-2020 年度招生小冊(2019-2020 Opening Enrollment Brochure)




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