暑安! 聖荷西慈濟人文學校將於8/25/2018 開學,事項佈達如下:

  • 請您提早於九點前送孩子們進入教室(各班教室地圖及學生名單請閱附件)。
  • 所有學生需穿著學校規定的白色制服和藍色卡其長褲。穿著校服時,請素食 。
  • 請您依照交通指揮志工的導引入校內停車, 為保持drop-off zone 暢通請勿在此區臨時停車, 孩子安全下車後需即刻駛離該區
  • 尚未領取到制服的轉學生及新註冊生, 可於9/8購買制服
  • 請家長們注意會議時間

09:20-09:50am家長說明會 ( G3~8, CSL5) --------Room 101

09:50-10:20am 家長說明會 (PK~G2,CSL1, CSL3)--Room 101

10:20-11:00高班家長班會( G3~8, CSL5) ---------學生教室

11:10-11:50小班家長班會(PK~G2,CSL1, CSL3)---學生教室

Attachment: 教室地圖, 2018-2019 Calendar, 學生名單




Dear Parents,

Tzu Chi Academy, San Jose gratefully announces that Aug.25, 2018 will be our first day of school. 

Here are the reminders for you:

  • Please bring your kids to their classrooms before 9AM (attached student roster and classroom map )
  • All students are required to wear the white school uniform and long blue khaki pants. Vegetarian food only when wearing uniform.
  • Our traffic control volunteers will guide you into the parking lot. To keep traffic flowing smoothly in the drop-off zone, please tell your children to exit the car as soon as it is safely stopped, then drive out of the drop-off zone IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you would like to order a uniform, please purchase it on Sept. 8.
  • Parent meeting times:

09:20-09:50am School & Parent meeting ( G3~8, CSL 5) ---------Room 101

09:50-10:20am School & Parent meeting (PK~G2,CSL 1, CSL 3)----Room 101

10:20-11:00 Teacher & Parent meeting ( G3~8, CSL 5) -----------Student classroom

11:10-11:50 Teacher & Parent meeting ( PK~G2,CSL 1, CSL3 )------ Student classroom


Attachment: classroom map, 2018-2019 Calendar, student roster

Hope to see you soon!

Tzu Chi San Jose Academy




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