大愛幼兒園六週年慶和慶祝復活節 6th Anniversary and Easter Egg Hunt

Date 日期:Friday, 04/18/2014

Time 時間:15:00 ~ 16:00

Where 地點:Outdoor Playground 戶外運動場

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三月份人文課程: 愛地球 Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

Date日期: Friday, 03/30/2014

Time 時間: 15:00~16:00

Where 地點: 人文教室 Humanity Classroom

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二月份人文課程~勇氣 Humanity Class

Date 日期: 2/28/2014

Time 時間: 15:00~:00

Where 地點: Humanity Class

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Valentine's Day Celebration  慶祝情人節 

Date日期: 02/14/2014

Time時間: 15:00~16:00

Where 地點: Classroom 各班教室

Lantern Festival Celebration 慶祝元宵節


Time時間: 15:00~16:00

Where 地點: Classroom 各班教室

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Chinese New year Celebration 2014

Group Activities

1.    Joy kids and lion dance 喜童戲祥獅     (4 & 5 years old classes)

2.    The year of horse spirits 賽馬迎新春     (3 years old class)

3.    Group singing 全體合唱(恭喜恭喜)       All students


1.    Couplets in calligraphy  [language]

2.    Mahjong, four in a row match  [math]

3.    Shine the lucky penny  [science]

4.    Opera face  [art]

5.    Play dough dumpling  [fine motor]

6.    Chinese instruments  [sensory]

7.    Lion dance  [dramatic play]

8.    Firecracker  [dramatic play]

9.    Snacks: Tradition Chinese New Year cakes, oranges, apples

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達拉斯分會歲末祝福 Year End Blessing

Date 日期:  Sunday, 1/19/2014

Time 時間: 13:30PM

Where 地點: 達拉斯分會 Dallas Chapter

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慶祝聖誕節 Christmas Celebration

日期Date: Friday, 12/20/2013

時間Time: 15:00~16:00

地點Where: Indoor Playground

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