課程與師資 Classes and Teachers

Classes 課程

3 Year Old Classroom 小班 (3 歲)
This program provides a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn while making friends and developing self-confidences.
4 Year Old Classroom 中班 ( 4 歲)
This program provides children with diverse learning opportunities in a safe and encouraging environment.  Our curriculum, centered on the practical use of both English and Chinces, facilitates children's maturity in every aspect of development and growth.  With a lower ratio and smaller c
lass sizes, the caring teachers embrace the uniqueness every child.
Kindergarten Classroom 大班 ( 5 歲)
Our comprehensive billingual curriculum includes reading, language, arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music and physical fitness.  Teachers are able to modify instructions to meet students' individual needs across domains in a small classroom setting.  We pull together the best educational research, tools and time-tested methods to effectively prepare students in a positive and fun way.  Progress is continually evident as your child develops his or her skills to 1st Grade.

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  Teachers 師資

Director 園長

     Ms. Lin (林晶如)


Class of 3 year old Teacher 三歲班老師


        Ms. Julie                                                         Ms. Chang (章文芷)

Class of 4 & 5 year old Teacher 四歲和五歲班老師


                  Ms. Lee(李淑華)                                   Ms. Autumn


Cook 廚師






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